Thursday, February 25, 2010

Single and blessed

A lot of single people are happy and contented with their lives, being single. But there are those who also long to be with someone for the rest of their lives. Single people should pray constantly to God to let them find the one He prepared for them. And while waiting, preserve your purity and human dignity. Remember, you wouldn't want to be used by someone who will be married to someone else in the future, or you wouldn't want your future spouse to be someone who has already been used by others.

Begin possible relationships with the right intentions. It is not to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend for people are not possessions. It is not to have an experience because people are not events. It is not to have someone to enjoy with because people are not toys. It is not to taste it or try it out, because people are not chewing gums you spit out later when it losses its sweetness or a shoes you can throw out when they become worn out.

It is to have a committed, loving relationship. It is to be married t each other someday. If that has no possibility or not even desired at the very beginning, then there should be nothing to begin at all.
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Mel Alarilla said...

Amen to that. Although I agree with every word you said in this post, I think the prevailing situation now is far different from what you are preaching and what God intended it to be. I noticed that there are so many single parents nowadays that this situation has been fully accepted by society. Joey de Leon of Eat Bulaga even coined a word for this in "naano na" and for married men who deserted by their family as "sumakabilang bahay na" instead of sumakabilang buhay na. Its funny except that so many people are hurting. This is the result of our permissive society nowadays where more and more liberated girls frequent watering holes and drink as much as men drink wine. The antidote to this is a strong and personal relationship with God where fear of the Lord is the norm rather than the exception. Thanks for the relevant post. God bless you all always.

Keith said...

Nice post, summed up what a lot of people believe about finding the right person (including myself)!

Cupboard Creatures!

Sam said...

@ Mel. yeah, the live between what's wrong and what's is becoming blurred nowadays. You're right Mel, if we follow God, then we can never go wrong. Thanks for the support and your comments. Keep well and god bless you too:)

@ Keith. Thanks a lot for the visit and the comment. I really appreciate it:)

Jonathan said...

Lovely. I liked it. Plz do visit me and leave your comment on GooTAR Blog

berita bola said...

You're right Mel, if we follow God, then we can never go wrong.

Anonymous said...

excellent post, marriage is still a good institution but do not get into it just because others are into it, seek your true love and take the plunge

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