Sunday, February 21, 2010

Precious Moments to Last a Lifetime

A single photo can capture a very special moment in our lives. Since we are now in the age of technology, with all the gadgets we have, ranging from digital camera and video cam, we can have all these precious memories capture either in photo or video. But here's the tricky part, where should you store it so this would not be wasted with things such as viruses on your computer, a crush on your hard drive. Even a hard copy of your photo can deteriorate in time.

Enter the My Heart Will, a great website that can solve your problems. You can store family biography or personal biography. You can even store photo from your facebook personal page. It's a nice site where you can even put description of you photos for your relatives, families, and friends to see or even add an audio to explain what happened during the taking of that photo.
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Jeff said...

Photos are important indeed. The moment that was captured in them is what makes them valuable.

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Sam said...

Hi Jeff!. Yeah, you're right. Tanks for the comment:)

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