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Facts about Woman / Wife

I have read a lot of articles about women. When I was in high school, a classmate wrote an article titled "Women are hard to s-p-e-l-l" and there he wrote his rants regarding women.

When I was a fresh graduate in college, me and my friends would look for ways to vent our boredom and so we would always look a place to go to gimmicks and hang outs. Sometimes, we girls don't like pushing trough our gimmick plans and our guy friends would tell us "You are indeed women" referring to our very changeable minds not sticking to our plans.

A lot of marriages are destroyed today because of the lack of awareness about the basic differences between man and woman and the lack of ability to deal with these differences as they live together in marriage. Here are some facts about woman that a husband should know to better understand his wife...

A wife cherishes her Husband's Expression of Appreciation. Since appreciation enhances one's self-worth, the husband should serve it lavishly. Unfortunately, some men ignore it while others forget it. Just a simple "thanks honey for the delicious meal" will do. Every wife needs expressions of appreciation for what she does and for what she is. She cherishes these "everyday" expressions. In addition to this, the husband should always remember those occasions that afford special opportunities for such reassurance such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant dates.

She likes to have a "house-husband". Every housewife needs help. Heavy laundry, dirty dishes, screaming children, day after day cause frustration and boredom. A sensitive husband will take over the household chores periodically, giving the wife her day's vacation. This thoughtful activity sends his wife the signal: I love, I care.

In the olden times, the husband is the sole breadwinner and the wife stays at home taking care the children and doing the household chores. At present time, both the husband and wife are earners to meet the demands of the skyrocketing cost of living. Is it not just fitting that both husband and wife also share the responsibilities inside the house? In addition to a woman's career, she is also a housewife. So in addition to the husband's job, he should also be a "house-husband".

A woman changes moods and feelings. In the morning, she may be smiling, but by midday she may be crying. Why does she experience such mood swings? The bloodstream of a woman carries 20% fewer red blood cells than that of a man. Since red cells are the conveyors of oxygen to all parts of the body, less oxygen capacity tends to impact on a woman's coping mechanism and influence her moods and feelings. Aside from that, the woman experiences premenstrual tensions. The monthly cycle of the female reproductive system produces biological changes. These also impact her body chemistry influencing her emotions and behavior. A wise husband would be understanding and see these changes as opportunities to show to his wife his love and care.

She is a survivor. A woman may be weaker in some aspects, but she is stronger in others. Usually, she has a sharper hearing, brighter night vision, a keener sense of smell and a stronger immune system.Her female hormones are give her greater resistance to heart disease during her childbearing years. In addition, the woman's corpus collosum, which is the connector of the left and right halves of the brain tends to be stronger. This means that in the event of stroke, there is quicker transfer of brain functions from one hemisphere to the other, which in turn facilitates a speeder recovery. On the average, the woman outlives the man by eight years!

She is intuitive. It is well established that left and right hemispheres of the brain have different field function and varied modes of operation. While the left brain processes data lineally, using parts to form a whole, the right brain processes information globally, seeing the whole before recognizing its parts. The left hemisphere solves the problem logically and sequentially while the right solves the problem experimentally. So, while the left lobe uses analysis, the right uses synthesis.

Generally, women are more right- brained than men. consequently, they are more intuitive. This power of intuition enables the wife to arrive at a conclusion spontaneously. When asked what's the reason of her decision, she would simply say "something tells me so". A wise husband will give respect to his wife's ideas despite her lack of data sheets.

A woman is stimulated by feelings of love. Unlike a man, a woman is not stimulated by what she sees , but by what she feels. In order for her to respond effectively, she must feel loved. For her,sex is not only physical but a very emotional experience.

She enjoys varied expressions of love. These expressions may be put into 3 categories. one, the casual like holding hands, two, the intimate such as embrace, three, the ultimate or sexual expression. The man is an excellent mathematician. He moves with rapidity from number 1 toi number 3. Whenever he gets intimate, he is willing to proceed to the ultimate.

Most women are poor mathematicians. They do not always want to count. Sometimes a wife starts but stops at number 1. She is satisfied with the casual expression of love. Other times, she proceeds to number 2 but stops. She is finding fulfillment in the intimate expression of love but desires not to go further. And in other times, she counts on to number 3. She desires sexual expression. Unlike man, at different times, a woman enjoys different expressions of love. Every husband should learn and understand to cope this basic differences. He should understand that his priority is not to please himself.

She needs new eggs in the empty nest. At each stage of a woman's life, she faces new challenges. When the children are grown and gone, the post-menopausal woman faces her "empty nest" with a feeling of emptiness. The objects of her devotion for several years have disappeared and so she desires new eggs in the nest. She doesn't needs new children but a new projects or actvities to enhance fulfillment. She now says no to procreation but yes to procreativity.

The wife needs to hear the Precious words "I love you". Before marriage, those words were uttered often, but after marriage they are seldom spoken. The husband needs to say them over and over again. This affirmation of love is like oil to the engine. It must be changed often but it must be present always.
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