Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love changes everything

Love is the most powerful, the most energizing, the most transforming force in the world.

Our memories like sparks of fire are reservoirs of the power of the love that we have experienced. To recall the first moment of realizing that you were loved by a particular person is to be present again at that moment of time.

It is to be in touch again with the astonishment that he/she would love you. That other person appeared to be so self-assured, so superior. Why would he / she take notice of you, much less be attracted or care?

Love transforms but not only in its initial surge of excitement, enjoyment and new energy. It continues through the years to draw one toward wholeness, that is, to becoming all that one is meant to be - a loved and loving person.

However transforming and life giving a human love may be, it is transcended by God's love for us. Keep loving and happy weekend everyone:)
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Man and woman

Many problems come up between man and woman for the simple reason that man and woman do not understand each other.

The source of misunderstanding between man and woman comes from the basic fact that neither man and woman are only one body. They are body and soul. Man and woman think and feel differently. Here are few examples:

By nature, man is a leader, he goes ahead. By nature, a woman is a follower. A man likes to rule and to be independent. A woman likes to feel that she is needed. A man can work or live faraway from home for many days. A woman's main interests are at home. A man can concentrate full-time on only one job. He is a mechanic, a driver, a teacher. A woman can do many works and can multitask. She can cook, clean the house, raise the children, and nurse the sick all the same in one day, not to mention her having a job to help her man. A man thinks and figure out reasons for doing things. A woman thinks with her heart.

These are only some of the few things that men differ from women. The thing to remember is God created both men and women. They were meant together to work as a team. Men and women are like two blades on a pair of scissors. We cannot say that one blade is more important than the other. They are equally important. One blade cannot cut anything on its own. Both the blades must work together . It is the same with men and women. Both are needed and both are equally important. Just like the two blades in a pair of scissors.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let guys into your world and don't scare them away

There are girls/ women I know who are pretty, talented and yet they seem to scare men away from them. Some of them we labeled NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth). Deep inside, they long for somebody to be with, to get to know with someone. How to to let guys into your world and not scare them away? Here we go...

Being an untamed shrew. Any guy or person for that matter would probably not want to go where he is not wanted. The same thing goes for potential love interests. People are curious about the girl who can cut off the knees but once the thrill of the chase is gone, the interest and whatever feelings may be present soon follow suit. At the same time, an icy misdemeanor and a sharp tongue will make a lot of would-be suitors look somewhere else easily.

So, what's the right attitude to take? It really depends on one's personality. The best thing to do is to always remember that you are a lady, and a lady must carry herself with dignity and gentility. An openness to friendship without overly eager can also go a long way in showing that a girl is worthy to be met and pursued.

Asking too many questions. Of course, wanting to know someone is a good thing and asking so many questions is the easiest way to do it. But when it comes to matters of the heart, can there be too much of a good thing? In a word yes, Many guys are by nature, not very talkative and at the same time, there are matters they prefer not to discuss too much. So when girls ask too many questions about things they deem personal, it makes them uncomfortable. Uncomfortable enough, to avoid girls who possess this habit.

So what are you gonna do? There's no easy way to get rid of this tendency but the best thing to do is to be as sensitive as possible. Guys are usually quote transparent when it comes to showing discomfort. So when getting to know a guy, observe how he reacts to different topics. If he starts squirming in his seat, redirect the conversation. He will be thankful for it, and you will be setting more the stage for him to be more open with you in the future.

Acting like a damsel in too much distress. Admittedly, guys like a girl who can make them feel needed. But being helpless to extremes may be an automatic red flag, especially considering how much females value gender equality these days. Relying on guys for everything, from driving to to walking to the dog can make guys feel like they are simply being used and seeing a girl act like this can make guys think twice about even just coming up to say hi.

So, what shall you do? There's really no need to act like a full-on princess just to make men feel needed. Learning to do things on your own gives you a better appreciation of the things around you including the help you received. It also makes you down-to-earth, and thus, approachable. That's something the guy will definitely take notice of.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

What can you say?

Are you the marrying type?

He said: No, I'm not the marrying type. I don't want to marry because I might just leave the woman I love. It's better that we just live together so that we can easily leave each other when we have fallen out of love. We don't have to deal with some legal impediments when want to be with someody else.

She said: Yes, I am the marrying type. I want to be assured that he will not leave me empty-handed when we have fallen out of love.

Bottomline - Marriage is not for convenience. Neither is it meant to tie you up to someone whom you cannot live with forever. Marriage is a commitment to make things work forever. Marriage is a commitment to accept the other, and at the same time, a commitment to be better for each other.

Why would you marry?

He said: I will marry her because I want to have lots of kids.

She said: I wish to marry because I don't want to be an old maid.

Bottomline - While marriage is the context of procreation, failure of the partner to bear a child does not end marriage. At the same time, fear of growing old alone is not a reason to marry. Rather, one marries another because they have fallen in love with each other and that they are committed to live the rest of their life together for each other.

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