Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why Men Cheat

According to a survey, men are more likely to cheat than their female partner. Here's why...

1. They have many options. Men are born hunters and as long as they see "preys" they will not stop wanting more.

2.Cheating boosts their ego. Men love to be chased by women because they think it's a proof of their masculinity.

3. They think that you're growing apart
. When boredom and predictability set in, he begins to wander and look for someone more exciting.

4. They argue with their partner a lot
. Arguments can be tedious.

5. They have fallen out of love. The worst, and probably the most painful reason to accept.

6. Sex with their partner sucks. Although sex is not a foundation for a stable relationship, men sometimes look for physical intimacy to satisfy their libido and if they can't get it from you, he might look somewhere else.

7. They want to take revenge. Cheating begets cheating. If you cheated on him, he will most likely cheat on you too.

8.They want something new, different and exciting
. Some men get tired of the same old plain girls so they may try someone different and "exotic".

9. They want to see if they can get away with it.
Astute, calculating, and manipulative men who try to cheat just for the heck of it think that the woman does not know, would not hurt her.

10. Their partner allowed their cheating in the past
. Men will always cheat on their partner every chance they get because they know that they could easily be forgiven. Once is enough. If you forgave him once, then you are naive. But if you forgave him twice, then you are stupid.


Will said...

Happy men don't cheat.

Sam said...

Hello Will:D. You are correct...

Anonymous said...

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Sam said...

Hello Tony. I appreciate your dropping by my blog. Im gonna visit ur site also. Keep well and have a great day!

curiousmind said...

men only cheat if they're allowed to do so--or they "feel" so. reasons exist after the deed actually.

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