Sunday, June 21, 2009

Honeymoon great SEXperience

Now, everyone - almost every newlywed woman and man will tell you that making love on honeymoon night is great. But guess what, not everyone is telling the entire story, the real, ah, score , no pun indeed! That's because newlyweds are expected to enjoy their honeymoon night and so that's what they say - sex was great on their first night together.

But later on, they will tell the truth - usually to their marriage counselor or pastor, or psychiatrist, or the judge when they are already seeking legal separation or divorce that sex right from the start was everything except great. In other words, sex from day one was a disappointment, nothing like, well, you see in the movies. So, are you up for disappointment or you'll really have that one big bang of a great sexperience?

Sex is great and you will have fun-as you should have fun making love with your guy on your wedding night if early on you already have sorted out or tackled together the great expectations each one of you have about sex, making love, and doing it throughout your married life together. These are some hypes you should be clear about...

Virginity. Even in this day of condoms and viagra, not a few men or women get to do the sex act only on their wedding night. Your guy might not even know how to find your vagina in the dark! Or you are the virgin and he goes on his way to the big bang.You're lying there, anxious whether you would bleed to death, or what if you didn't bleed and he'd scream "What? you are not a virgin?" and he'd run and file for divorce, or worse keep the marriage in tact but look for virgins some place else! Tackle the virginity issue head on, before even saying yes when he propose so both of you are clear on your expectations.

Oral sex. Oral sex is sooo good. Even your pastor will say it's okay that married couples do it for foreplay. No kidding. But still, some women won't do it because somebody told them it's a sin, or it's so dirty you'll end up with urinary tract infection which can be so painful and expensive to treat. Ask your ob-gyne. Only your trusted doctor can tell you what's good for your particular health condition. And not all few men will do oral sex. The reasons may be the same with the woman's like religious beliefs, health fears, or there are men who simply don't like the vagina scent. Again tackle the issue in your one-on-one, no-holds-barred discussion with your fiancee. If he won't do oral sex and you can't ever enjoy making love without oral foreplay or its the other way around - you won't ever ever do it. That could spell a hell in bed not only on your wedding night but the rest of you lovemaking nights till death or divorce do you part. And while you are at it, discuss other issues such as foreplay, sex positions, talking dirty, who is going to initiate sex, what's a turn on, what's a turn off, what's a no, what's a go.

Who is the boss? Of course when you're in love , your guy or you would not even look at or love someone else. But somewhere along the way some couples confess it happened on night one - you can fall out of love. You can avoid the tragedy or the divorce mess if early on you lay the groud rules about your relationship. State from day one of courtship that you won't tolerate a two-timing suitor or husband. And maintain your conviction. Exoress it always throughout your courtship, engagement and marriage.

Talk dirty, talk clean. Even in this day of sex and the city, couples don't sit down and talk about sex. That's because they simply don't hink sex is something you really talk about. They just know sex as they read it in sexy or porn mags, or what they see in movies. People just go on doing sex. You either feel good about it or it becomes just one sorry disappointment from one partner to another. Early on the relationship, schedule a one-on-one day talk with yor guy to discuss issues that could affect your relationship- money, career, in-laws, children and yes, sex. The date should be non-negotiable. In other words it's a top priority. If your guy won't talk, girl, you have a problem. A mature guy and serious about you will talk about sex and all its nitty-gritty and all other issues concerning your life together as husband and wife. Forewarned is forearmed.Read about sex, free love, true love. Read real researches and studies, not just the pocketboooks or trashy mags you see in newstands. Know what's true and what's good for you and your mate. That one-on one talk is a test whether your relationship is a go, whether you'll have that sexperience you dream about in your honeymoon and the rest of your married life.


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