Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why chocolates Make You Love?

Although chocolates contain saturated fats which could pose health risks, researchers have discovered several health benefits of chocolates:

1. Chocolates contain caffeine, an ingredient found in a cup of coffee and ola drinks that gives an invigorating feeling. It’s a proven stimuilant that energizes your brain.

2. Chocolates have phynelethylamine. This is the chemical released in the blood to those who are passionately in love.

3. Chocolates release endorphins, the chemical that gives chocolate lovers the inner glow and glorious high feelings.

4. Chocolates contain antioxidants that prevent cancer.

5. Chocolates have anandamide which promotes well-being.

6. Chocolates scontain tryptophan, an essential amino acid which modulates a person’s mood.

7. Lastly, chocolates contain the “love chemical” phynelethylamine. This trace chemical targets the pleasure centers of the brain. More phynelethylamineare produced during orgasm. In addition, phynelethylamine mediates feelings of attraction, euphoria, and excitement.

So if you want your lover to be more intense, romantic and committed towards you, don’t consult witches or magicians, simply give your lover a chocolate bar to nibble and you will be glad you did!


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