Monday, August 3, 2009

How to Spot a Good Guy in Five Days

This doesn't necessarily mean five days straight. Maybe you've been starting to hang out since you were introduced to each other recently. There are a million of possible circumstances but only a number of signs to look out for if you want to be sure this guy is a quality catch.

  • He shows everybody respect. Everybody deserves respect, and he should know that. If he doesn't show the most unassuming people (like sales peoplesecurity guards, drivers, and house help) the most basic courtesies like "thank you" and "please", you're better off telling him to please leave you alone.
  • He's being real. You've been getting to know each other for five days and if in any point, you feel that the way he's acting seems fishy or fake, chances are you're right, and he's putting up front to impress you. Follow your instincts! Don't buy it, and make him know you don't appreciate it. It's better if you know who you're getting involved with from the get go.
  • Your friends like him. Your friends are your friends for a reason. If they sense something amiss about this guy, you'd best be on your guard. Maybe the sparks that have been created by your intense chemistry have blinded you, but rest assured your pals are always looking out for you. They're like vitamin C-they'll protect you from germs and jerks:D
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Benjamin Auffarth said...

I think if you listen to your friends about a guy you are already lost. It happened to me many times with girls that hang out with their friends. I meet a girl, we make out until her best friend has to leave urgently. Her friend is probably bitter about not having found anything so she decides if she doesn't get it, her friend shouldn't either. The only way to succeed is to bring a friend of yours, who is attractive to the friend.

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