Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Priceless gifts for Christmas

Whew! So fast. Few days from now and it's gonna be Christmas. A lot of gift giving, parties, and shopping and eating. But there are gifts worth giving this Christmas which makes us happier than anything you can find under the Christmas tree!

Gift of Gratitude- Say thanks to the people you love. Your husband, wife, daughter, son, friends, office mates. Say thanks not only to the people who give you gifts but to everyone who makes your Christmas merrier-from the cashier to your house helper. And above all say thanks to the one who is the reason why we celebrate Christmas - Jesus Christ.

Gift of trust - Share your innermost feelings to the person you trust - your spouse, parents, friends. It shows that you trust them and it also builds relationships.

Gift of listening - Give the carolers a chance to finish at least one song before handling them the change and closing the gate . Some might be in it for the money but that doesn't mean they don't love your attention.

Gift of words - Take a break from gossiping or badmouthing anyone. Use your word power instead to encourage someone. Your words should heal, not hurt.

Gift of space - Being in one house 24/7 during Christmas vacation may make you and your family get on each others nerves by New Year's. Respect the times when someone in your family just wants to do their own thing and have "me time" of your own.

Gift of time - Everyone has the same 24 hours a day so make the best of yours. Devote some precious time to helping others or caring for others. If time is gold, that should always be well spent.

Gift of contentment - Learning to love what you have instead of pitying yourself for what you don't have makes you more willing to give more generously. Count your blessings and find ways to share them.

Gift of family connection - You see your cousins every year but do you really know them? Talk to them especially in this times of family reunions and gatherings and find out what the biggest happening in their life for the past year.

Gift of forgiveness - How can you spread joy and goodwill to all if you have got grudges? Sincerely greet "Merry Christmas" to those people you don't talk to for several years and let the past be forgotten and forgiven.

Gift of letting go - Let go of past hurts and pains and move on with your life. Accept that change is the only constant thing in one's journey in life.

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